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But Mr Hayton said difficulties had arisen when she had not wanted children.and he returned to the Plenty of Fish site to seek new partners "at her behest".Lazenby was jailed yesterday after being convicted in December of sexual assault, assault by penetration and two offences of rape.Judge Andrew Woolman said the fact some Plenty of Fish users indicate they are open to sexual encounters "does not mean that they consent to sex regardless".Furthermore, many singles love the site so much they send many many messages to local singles each day. Hope you want it as bad as me and that you want to try things you have never tried before. Since there are dating sites for practically every group of people, you should be able to find someone on the Internet who is a match for you, whether you are looking for a person to occasionally date or someone who could marry later.Dating sites used to be scary places because no one knew who was using them, but now they are the normal way for people to find dates.Miss Kehoe said the rape victim told police how her ordeal had left her depressed and affected the way she treated her young daughter.

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Lazenby had exchanged messages with both via the Plenty of Fish website before arranging to meet them both on "dates", Burnley Crown Court.

Four days later a young woman from Colne agreed to meet up with Lazenby after exchanging messages with him.

The pair started kissing when Lazenby, without warning, put his hand underneath her top.

Lazenby, of Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, admitted meeting both women through the website but stressed their sexual encounters were all consensual.

The jury heard how a young woman - who cannot be named - alerted police last November that she was assaulted by Lazenby at her home in Ashton-Under-Lyne, in Greater Manchester.

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