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* Syitem of Log Ce and l Ettary of Lrgiedl Doetrtntt. Fribdricr TJebebweg, Prof, of Phi L in the TJni Te Rdtf of Eonigsl Mrg. The later labors of his lifo were chiefly girea to bis History of Philosophy. This was, in part, the result of an animated metaphysical discussion ; for there are even now German as well as English advocates of the intense Subjectivirm of Berkeley, The two chief philosophical journals of Gennaay have entered into this controversy, which was begun by a work of Gollyns Simon, LL. Simon's rejoinder ap- peared, with comments by Ulrici, in the same volume. He was educated in the Coll^ at Elberfeld and the Universities of Oottin- gen and Berlin, and attained to extraordinary proficiency in philosophy, phi- lology, and mathematics. The flying arrow is at rest ; for it is at every moment only in one place. The half of a division of time is eqaal to the whole ; for die same point, moving with the same velocity, traveraes an equal diatance {i. SO), it must be at the aame time Inflnitely amall and infinitely great; tite former, because ita laat diviuotia are without mi^nitude, the latter, on account of tbe inflnlte number of these divinooa. Translated from the Oennaa, with Notes and Appendicen, by Tiio XAs SL Lrans AT, M. D., entitled The Nature and Element* of t Jte External "World, or Unioertal Intmaterialism, London, 1862, in which Berkeley's tiieory was acutely advocated. TJeberw^ replied to it in Ficite and Ulrici's Zeit- tchrijl far Philo$ophie, Bd. von Heichlin-Meldegg of Heidelberg in the same journal, Bd. In 1852 he ootnmenced his academic career ss Privatdocfnt in Bonn, and in 1862 he waa called as Professor of Philosophy to the University of Kbnigsbeig, There he labored with untiring industry till last summer, when in the forty-sixt Ji year of his age he died in the midst * This esssy Is entitled : U^er den Gegematt twieehea Methodikem wnd Qineti- ka-nwtddes Kn Vermi Udung Mdem Pnikm der Ordnvng dtr Schriftm Flato'i. of literary plans for the fotnie, leaving a vidov and four children and many friends and admirers to monm his loss. «., when compared, in the one case, with a point at rest, in the other, with a point in motion) in the one oaae, in half of a given time, in the otber, in the whole of that time. (In this WBDmeut Zeno leavea out of conudaration the inverae ratio oonatantly maintained between magnitude and number of porta, as the diviaioa advances, whereby the bbbm product \» conatantlj maintained, and he iaolalea the nottona of amaltneaa and number, oppoaicg the one to the other.) In a aimilar manner Zeno ahowa that tbe nunifold, if it exists, must be at the aama time numerically limited and unlimited. And Professor Erdmann himself generously expressed to Dr. when the l«lb of October waa made ta Mlow la HDOdlatalj npon the dtb) far tbe raton. " As oar Bonl, which is air, holds ns together, to breath and air eacompass the nniverse." Dit^nea of Apo Uonia, who lived in the fii Ui centory before Chiifit, also sees in air the original essence and immaooit gronnd of^ all things. Bf«M Um Uttorlin* «( fti OBiefk T, Eit Hha (Anekwitf M, I. Bt-BT) inti M r— "r nt A Tet perh^M here the time or hia birth hai been con Tounded with the time wbea he flouridi«d or with the year of hla death. S); " Anaximenea and Diogenea hold tbe air to be prior to water, and place it before all other fumpl B bodies a their Brat prindple L" But this air, withoot detriment to its materiality, Anaxime Des conceived, conformablj to his hjloxoiatlo ■tand-point, aa animalei From the work composed by Anaximenea the following sea Mnce la praaerred (by Stobasua, £1. 396): aim ^ i^x4 4 i/airipa d^p ouea evfuparu ifiof, sai Uw rim tiafioi incu^ ml o^j D irtp Jx"- It la not probable that Anaxime Des dflcriminated fire from thia animated ^ aa something different and finer. 3 : '^pixixmf ri ^ifom mp^i- ■ par HOI n r£w tm^piimiv Ko Uionp Apiuv Utr ml mtrra gat' Ipir ylyvta Oat. v*t " whila we live, our aoula are dead and buried in us ; bat when we die, our aoola are reatored to life." When the power of peace and unity prevaila in the All, all finite otjecta reaolva themaelvea into pore Are, which i« the Deity; but tltey come forth ttom H anew tiiron^ rariance. Crat^us, a te Mdter of Plato, went beyond Heraelit UB, who had aaid that no one could step down twice into the same ttream, by asserting that this waa not poesible even once (Arist, Melf^, IT. 84: aufp Oith' aptr^ fujier^, mi aofiv i^Sia Uyav Ko I irouiv urd ^n- traimrrttt). Yet the same peraona might in a certain ■enae hold both of these dootrinat. Dn Unucivitg, mil Xri/Ulimngtti o M dm atvyi* Dentni Un tvs H. Schaff hia appreciation of the special value of Ueberweg's Manual, say- ing that be always kept it before him, and considered it indiepeusable on account of its fall literature of the subject. and wtth nftnno to a potl Dn of tba paat (t Il : that In arnjd Mjcara three i Dtanialarjda Ta of tbe Jallan Catendar abonld fall awaj F. Aaoordlag to Sukba, he was living in the SGth Olyi Dinad, Id the time of Cyrui and Cnn BUB. On the oontrary, be appears to h»ve Identifled fire with the finest air, as waa universall; oostomary before Bmpedodee, aa Herac Utua, in particular, explidtlj conceives llieir relation, and aa Diogenea of Apo Uonia, who fb Uowed Anazimenes In his epacnlatl OD, did ; then iriiawaic o' cooden- Htion, waa the first, and ipa Saai(, iw«Act Ion, the second process which It underwent A n a xima nea, aottording to the imaninoua teetinony of post-Aristotelian authorities, con- ceived this air as ^ifini U in extent, so that we must include him among those .re&rred t« in Ariat, Pkyt., IIL 4 (iimrtp foanr ol ^vaa Myoi, ri l(u a Ciita nai k&b^ik, ov i mia'm fi &iip ii UAa n TO^nv, Aimpor thai), Anarimenea taught that nil things arose from air through oondenaatlca and nrebetion, vlilch ntoda of origin he seema, acoordlng to Theo- phraatns (in Smidic, Ad Arut Phyr, fo L 31), to have been the flret to auggest ; whn Aristotk , tbe niairruir/»ir4(Diog, L., ]X1 or hwrodpo^ (Stob.,£: Jiy., L 60) of thlnga, tbe ytm Oac r Avra ■or' ivavriini Ta, and aays : n Mrrpmnif ippmihi t6Biiav, imuevtp hip K *ai riioa {S\a%^Oe^i); ci: Arilt^ £A. In other worda^ it ia a law of lim nnirerae that in every thing oontiwiea are anited, aa life and death, waking and aleepjog, you Ui and old age, and mch oontrary paaaea into ita oppooite. Sdileiermacher (whom Ritter, Brandi^ Bernaya, and Zeller contradict in thia point, while Lasalle agreee with bim) was probably wrong in doubting that the doctrine of the periodioal dlaaolutlon of the world in fire (cnipwtfir) wea held already by Herac Utui (and borrowed from him bj tbe Stoics); Aristotle Mcribea it to him (Meltorol, I. B^— «D extreme, as the tut logical consequence of whldi, Aristotle reports thrt Cr Ktrlus thoaght he ought to say nothhig more, bat simply moved his finger. The doctrine of Heraditus may be termed monistic, inasmuch ai it represents the eternal reason as imoi Biieo C in the world of individuality and change; and hylo K^tic, inas- much as it conceives all matter to be animated. According to Bome aoboimt B he was a p Qpil of Fherecydea and Anazunander and acquainted with the doctrines of the Egyptian priests. Blalii, i Bl Iekla XM-ir JSr Staattwii Mni Aiffl, U9I. It i* hardly auppoaable that aay aw of the ancient Digitized bv Go O^^IC ITTHAOOKAS Alf D THE FYTHAOOKEAM8. Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Digitized bv Go O^^IC AUTn OKIZED TRANSLATION, BBVISED BY THE AUTHOE. Uebebwxo's Gfmndriu der Gesehir Jtte der J^h Sotophie, in three parts, was first published at Berlin, 18G2 to '66. On the other hand, the ph Qo- sophio consdousnesa of the student, when perfected by historical and systematic discipline, must a Rerward show itself fruitful b a deeper and truer understanding of history. The most tmstworthy and prodnctive sonrces for onr knowl- edge of the history of philoeophy are those philosophical works which Digitized bv Go O^^IC BOUSOaa, AUTBOBITIEB, AITD AIDS. The preaentatjon is compendious but not sulfiidentl; exact Bmnhold thinks and often expresses himself too much In the modern way and too little in the style and spirit of the philosophers of whom he treats. Bitter, Oe KAicl Ue der Ph Oomphie, 13 vols., Hamburg, I82a-B3; Tola. His profeaaed object ia, wh Qe adhering strictly to facta, to present the h Latory of philosophy as " a self-devetoping whole ;" not however, viewing earlier systoms aa stopping- stones to any particular modem one, nor Judging them from the stand-point of any particular system, but rather *' from the point of view of the general intolligenoe of the periods to w Uch they belong, respecting the object of the intellecfaul faculties — respoctijig the ri(^t and the wrong in the modes of developing the reason." Under Bittor'a supwrision, the (b Uowing work of Schleiermacher was published, after its author's death: Qar Hndde der Fh Hoaophie, Berlin, 1339 (Schleiermacher'a Werke, ni., i, a). g., many ptulo Bophemes of Plato ^reeebly to his own doctrine of Itonunenoe), end, ignoriug their Kientiflo motirea, h M giinatarpretod tlioge of philoeopherg wlioin he did not esteem ui3e$ bit aufwuen Zeit, Braunsburg, 1S6S. Orer eg Biost ths kiugdmn or light or or good wna plaoed, ia dualiatiu oppositioii, the kingdom or durknesa or evil; aftot a laog conteat the Ibrmer wui to triumph The Egfpliana are cradiicd with the doctrines of the judgment of departed Boula and of their transmigrati OD, wliich doctrines Herodotus (IL G.1, SI, 123) supposes In have passed &om them to the Orpbiats and the I^hagoreans. ITietzache, De Laert U Diogenit Fbntibut, in the Sllein. 310 ff.) it was continued to Comutus; ho names the pfincipsl Epicureans down to Zeno of Sdon, Demetrius Laco, IHogenea Tarsensls, Hid Orion ; only the history of Skepticism is brought down by him to his own time, i. But BOth'a Gombinationa, whidi by their audacity are capable of bribing the imaginatiou, involve too much that is quite arbitrary. For tbe ethical and antbropomorpliitic cli Bntcter impressed by the Greek poets upon the Eoj-tholi^j of their nation vas or aucb a character a.% to efface, not merely all traces of the influence of di Sbrent Oiieotal natio DB in the religion of the Greeks, but all trace* of Of ieotal origin whatsce Ter. Of Hippo (who, according to • Scbolion to Ariatoph., Niib^ 9S, — dtsd by Th. He calls bim a very ordinary man {fopnn Ci Ttpor, Dt Aninat, 1. Through an eternal motion, there arise, as condensattona of air, innumerable worlds, heavenly divinities, in the center of which reets the earth, a ^linder in form and nnmoved on account of its equal remoteness from all points in the celestial sphere.We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. B BCHIBKEIt k CO., tie Ojn« of Uh LJbiwin D of Cong Tcii, at Wuhlngton. It met with such approval, not- withstotiding the competition with other able compenda, th&t the first part has already reached a fourth edition (1871). The Ariatotelia Q £thic8 and .^Istbetica 169-160 gsi. The Stoic Division o T Pbilosopby and the Stoic Logic 1S1-I93 § M. 7 have come down to tis in their original form and completenefls, and, Best to these, the fragments of such works whicli have been pre- Berred under conditions that render it impossible to doubt their genuine- nees. The work ts a summary, drawn up by Sebleiennacher for his lectures. Hegel, Vorietungm iber He Getdtidite der Ph Uotopli U, ed. Their tajr Uv Aogf seems scareelj to have eierciaed any ioauenco on the Gredaa thinkers. Ghw Usch concerns hbnself, primarily, rather with the com- parison of Greek philoaophemea with Oriental religious dociri De B, than with the demon- Btratio D of their genesis ; so br as he expresses himself in regard to the latter, he doee not at Srm a direct transference of the Oriental element in the time of tho first Greek philo Bophera, but only maintains that this element entered into Greek philosophy through the medium of the Greek religion ; Oriental tradition, he argues, must have been received in a religioua form by the Hellenes in veiy early antiquity, and so become blended with their inte Uectual life; the regeneration of the Hindu consciousness in the Eleaticn, of tho Chinese in the Pythagoreans, etc, was, however, proximately an outgrowth f Vom the Hellenic character itself. It is much easier either for those who deny altogether that any essential influence was exerted on the Greek miod from the East, or for those who affirm, on the contrary, that such an Influence was directly trans- mitted through the contact of the earlier Greek philosophers with Oriental nations, to explain the resemblimce, so &r as it exists, between the different Greek philosophies and various Oriental types of thought, than for Gladisch, f Vom his stand-point, to explain tho Digitized bv Go O^^IC S3 THALBS OF H1I. The hypothesii of a direct reception of Chjuese doctrines by Pythagoras, or of Hindu doctrines by Xe- nopbanca, would indeed belong to tbe realm ot the fandful. p^pa, atlll batter to airy ont l Udler'a pnqnaal and modify the Ortgorlas Cilaodar thron^hnot, to thai at til* end of a Tory tl8 years an Intar- cakr7 day of tbs Jnllt B Calendar ahonld Ibll away. M aq^ the propoaltton, that the aogle inscribed In a aemioircle ia a right angle, waa by some attributed to Thalea, by others to Pytfaagoraa. 3),andsi^ that on aooount of hia shallownaes (ibd ri/v tvrl TMov ovroir r^ tuaioiai) he oan scarcely be recko Ded among the philosophers (Jfefop A., I. The earth, according to Anaximander, has been evolved f Wm an originally fluid state.

The sections have been numbered consecutively through both volumes. E., Examiner in Phi- losophy to the Unive Tsit^ of Edinbnigh. D„ii„.db, Go(5glc Besides this work, and liis Syttem of Logic, Frofes Bor Ueberveg iras the aatbor of a treati Be oa TJie J)evelopment of Cotiaeuntgnett by Teackert, a Eeries of applications of Beneke'a Theory of Gonsciouanew, in didactic rela- tiuna (Berlin, 1853); Inveatigatvms on the Genuinenea M and Order of tlie Ptatonie Writings, including a sketch of the Life of Plato, — a volume crowned by the Imperial Academy of Vienna, 1861 ; Dt I'riore el Poi Uriore Forma Kantiance Cri Ucea Sationia Puree, a pamphlet published at Berlin, in 1S(3. von Kirchmaim'a Plt Hoeophi- scke Jiibliolhei:, an excellent German translation of Bishop Berkeley's treatise on the " Principles of Human ICnowledge," with critical notes and illustra- tions. May, 1870, Simon, Hoppe, and Schuppe in three articles controverted Ueberweg's positions ; Ids reply ap- peared in August, with a rejoinder by Schuppe, February, 1671. His excellent mother was early left a poor widow, and devoted herself to her only son till her death in 1868. The comic poet Epichartnns, who occa- sionally alludes to disputed questions in philosophy, appears to have come under the influence of various philosophies, and among them, in particular, of Pythagoreani Bm. The tarma being and sppesnnce remain with hiln philosoph- ica Dy nnreconc Hed; the existe Dce of & realm of mete ^tpearance la inoompatibte with tlrt fimdameotal principle of Pormenlde*. Hotion can not b^o, becaiue a body in motion can net amva at another place nntil it has Digitized bv Go O^^IC 58 ZKSO or XLBA* passed tbrongh an Ti Dlimited number of intennediate places. Achillea can not overtake the tortoi Be, becanae as often aa be reaches the place occupied bj the tortoiae at a previous moment, the latter has already left it 3. Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Since Teunemaun's ifanval (1812, 6th edition by Weiid, 1829),* no Tork has appeared so veil adapted to meet the wants of stndent B. The Peiipatetica 1BD-1S5 Tiii BD Diri Bioii: STOici Bif, BPictnoi Axisii, i^n) brepticibii. In the ca Ae of philoeophical doctrines which are no longer before us in the original langnage of their authore, those " reports " are to be held most authentic which are based immediately on the writings of the philosophers, or in which the oral deliverances of the latter are communicated by immediate disciples. It is not founded in all parts on original historical iovestigatio Q, but it contains much that {b very soggeatlve. Some- what moro ooosiiler Bble may liave been the iofiuctice on tlie Greeks or the early aatronomv- cal (^na of the Egyptians, and perhaps also of their geological ob Berrationa and apeculatioas. But that Pylbagoras, and perhaps also Koipodocles, appropriated to themsel Tca ^^tlan dot^nea and usagea directly from Kgypt, that possibly Anaiegoras, or perhapa even Hennotimus, his pred^ feasor, came in contact n'ith Je^s, that Thales, as alao, at a later epoch, Democritus, sought and found io Egypt or In Babylonia material Tor acientiflc theories, that Heraiditus was led to some of his speculations by a knowledge of Parseeien, and that therefore tfaa Liter philosophers, so far as they join on to these, were indirectly (Plato elso directly) affected in the shaping of their doctrines by Oriental influeuces, is quite conceivable, and Bome of these hypotheses have no alight d^^ree of probability. The pliilo Bophy of the earlier looic physiologists is Hylozo- ism, i. Tba ad Tantafa of thia rafonu mnld be peatcr ■a la tba danaraatloa of tba aaaaoaa ttm St^^ & I), that he taught the Egyptian prieatl how to neaaure at any tinte the height of the pyramids by their ihadowa preauppoae* that be was acqualnlad with the theorem of the proportionality of the aidea of aimilar trianglo B. On the begin- ningi of geometry among the Egyptlani, cf. Living beings arose by gradual development out of the elementary moisture, nnder the influence of heat.Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. D., BT THE EDnon S OF THE PHILOSOPHICAL AKD THEOLOGICAL MBEART. Indeed, no work on the subject contains Buck a careful collection of aatboritlea and citations, or so full a bibliogra- phical apparatus. If the tendency of the author (or so-called " reporter"), whose statements serve us as anthorities, is less historical than philosophical, inclining him ratlier to inquire into the truth of the doctrines mentioned by him than simply to report them, it is indispensable, as a condition precedent to the employment of his statements as histori&l material, that we carefully ascertain the line of thought generally followed by the author of whom he .treats, and that in its light we test the sense of each of the reporter's statements. Certain geometrical propositions seem ratlter to have been merely discovered em[nrica Uy by the Egyptians in the measurement of their Seldi, than to have lunded his (metrical) diron- Ide (composed in the second half of the second centnt7 & c), t Vom which, sgain, Diogenes Lser Uu B and others drew a large part of their chronologicsl data. f., the doctrine of the immediate unity of matter and life^ according to \v))ich matter is by nature endowed frith Mk, and life is inseparably connected with matter. Land animals had, in the beginning, the form of fishes, and only with the drying up of the surface of the earth did they acquire their present form. CL, b««ld*s th« lutj by th* Ab M da Ciaiijt (flfnau la Hi HDuui B't JIaga Hm), SHh^'i An Awip H, L, pp. For determining tbe time of Amurimmder'a birth we hmre onljr Uie stitement of Apol lodoru B to reit upon, who la TH (Diog.He did not survive to see the completion of this vork; he died, after a painful illness of seven weeks, June 7, 1871, at Kiinigsberg, while yet in the prime of bis career. Schaff, who conducted the correspondence with him, he has expressed his great satisfaction with this translation, in comparison, too, witli that of his Syttem of Logic (3d edition, Bonn, 18C6), receutly issued in England.* His friend. Czolbe, wrote in behalf of his widow, that, "on the day of his death, he careftilly corrected some of the proof-sheets of this translation, and was delighted with its excellency." The work has been translated &om the latest printed editions ; the First Part, on Ancient Philosophy, ia fiom the proof-sheets of the fourth edition, just now issued in German. Anaiagoraa and Harmotiaina of Clazomen Ee, Arcbolnua of Mil Etua, and Metrodorua of Lampsaciia . The Atomiets: Loucippua and Democrilus' 67-71 SECOND PERIOD OF GREEK PHILOSOPHY. AIH) SKEPTICS, OR PBRt OD OF ni B FOITKD- ma AKP PREDOUIHANCE OF AKTHROPOLOQT, TIIR BCIEHCZ Or THE TUIHEIKQ AKD WILLIKO SUBJECT (LOOIO AND ETlll CS), ACCOUPAKIED BI A Bt TTDIUt TO PHYSICS. The Three Sivlalona of the Second Period 71-72 FIRST division: tob so PBisrs. But for the rery resamuiom ho *ecoiid pronnce of realilj, hie oosnio* it not identicel with the mere world of Uie aeii Bea of later thiukera. The rule for practical conduct is also contained in ttie law common to all, inoiimately in the law of the state, absolutely In the law of nature (Hend., op. 43 Philolaas, a cootempora Ty of Socrates, paesea for the first Pvtha- goreui who iii^de public (in a written work) the philoeophical eptem of w school. [Easllali tnuu L of Jamb Hsbu' Hft of r^Oiagon*, fcr IVj Ior. The scale of created objecta w M aymbolized by the aerio B or nombera, the numbera Tour (nr^iaxrif) and lea (Jtiuf) playing an eapecially promiusnt or the Bpedal doctrinaa of the Pythagoreana, thrir astronomical and muaical doctrine* are the most worthy of remark. The doctrine of the earth and the counler-oarth is ascribed to the Pythagorean Hicetas by Paeudo-Plutareh (i%ic Ph., III.6); Cicero (^oul., 11. (also r^ Plat., Tbtae L, jh 180); eimigiv^Av r" i/itvai, Tii ic Avf ive/t' icrir, bam ^porot Korf^rvra wewoi^Unt that olftf? For the Second and Third Parts, special notes, modificationa, and additions were forwarded by the author. Begioninga of Greek Philompliy in Greek Poetry and Proverbial Wisdom , 24-36 § 9. Anaximimderof Uiletus 3^-31 Digitized bv Go O^^IC XU CX)HTENTS. ABfliimenea of Milotu H and Diogenes of Apollonia 37-a8 g 15. Heraditui doea not dlattnguiah from his cosmos Um diviiie and etenuil, as Bcanethuig lepanble from it The Myoi or Uie eternal, •11-embradttg order (jt-^/i^ iuai, ti/tap/iivg, n vtptixur i/af i/r/aiv n if mi fpcv^p^, h Zc is. Of this work considerable fragmente sm Bti U extant ; yet it is very doabtfnl whether the work is genoinfl or a coanterleit, dating at the latest fi-om the last centary before Christ, and on]j po»- seau Dg a certain importance aa an anthority in regard to auci^t Fythagoreanism, from its having been partially founded on earlier anthoritie B. That the theory of a counter-earth (av Tix^M) under the earth and the motion of both around a central &r«, really belongs to the alder Pytha* goreo DS, we know (apart t Vom the at leaat doubtf^il Philolaua-Fragmenta) from Aristotle (De Cmiii, II. 39) attributes to him, on the authority of Theophrastus, the doctrine that the earth moves eiraan aaem. , yiyvtai^ n aol i JJjia^ai, etc., could be emended (aa Is done bj Oladiach, who ■eeka in it an analogue to the Mqja of tlie Hindus) ao aa to read: rp wivi' trap tarh^ Farmenidea would tipfem as hs Ting explained the plurality and change attested by tfaa •Bnaes, as a dream of the one true eojatenoe. Afrig./ragm Kiiatd.,pratiiit—Miiipidee Ht i Hj Mt, Bonn, last; W.

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