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On Saturday I hear Bradley Cooper was spotted in the Square strolling with friends, but not Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

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Were my words full of grace, encouraging or life-giving? Being a speech-language pathologist, words have always been extremely important to me. I agonize over those first, hard-to-come-by words, meticulously planning and strategizing the best way to facilitate their emergence.I am presenting an award with my buddy Kory Aversa in the category of “Never Delete Your Account”, which is a perfect pairing if you want to know everything that’s going on in the City definitely follow us.But for arts, activism, entertainment and beauty the nominees in this category are Gritty, Conrad Benner, Faviana Ferraini and Al Lee. Thanks to the Philadelphia Orchestra for sending me these photos and copy.They ran into legendary chef Georges Perrier who was strolling by.Also strolling by, and waving was actor Jason Segal, who is basically a Rittenhouse resident as he is always out and about in the area.

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