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However, nobody knew quite where to start looking, nor could they afford the technology necessary to undertake the search.Finding one of these wrecks posed a challenge that spanned many disciplines, which, to a mind like Thompson’s, made for a compelling quest.

When he was a teenager, he bought and fixed up an amphibious car, and he loved pranking his friends by driving unsuspecting passengers into a lake.But Judge Blunt, like other officials who’d presided over civil and criminal cases against Thompson, claimed that his malingering was the maneuvering of a hyper-intelligent con man.Indeed, Thompson’s legs were shackled as he sat through his trial.He grew up in Defiance, Ohio, a small city in the northwestern corner of the state.He was always drawn to the water, and he enjoyed challenging friends to breath-holding contests.“I was on swimming teams, and people could always beat me on the surface, but I got so I could hold my breath so long that nobody could beat me underwater.

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