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And what I found is that there are some great blogs from wives and girlfriends of pilots (as well as a facebook group).

The one thing they all seem to say is that independence and trust is key.

Licensees are bound by rules and regulations of Real Estate License Law, Federal Trade Commission, and Intellectual Property rights.

New obligations have resulted due to the use of the internet and social media.

It’s something that I’ve read on other blogs, and I’ve learned for myself. And the schedule is done month to month, so there is no planning of vacations.

Learning how to date and knowing what is best for you is an important way to heal from hurtful relationships or the effects of a divorce.

This course is designed to survey important issues in listing agreements and commission agreements, and to suggest language which can be utilized in leases and purchase and sale agreements to benefit the broker.

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People have asked me if I worry about The Pilot being away – you hear all those stories about pilots who have another family across the country, or sexual relationships among the flight crew.I’ve never even wondered how you meet them (although, “the airport” seems like the logical conclusion there). I was sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight, watching out the window as the pilots did their checks, taxied, and took off. When The Pilot and I first started dating, I didn’t think much about his career, other than the possible perks (hey, free flights! Even when he took me flying, it was not something I thought much about. And suddenly, I found pilots so incredibly sexy, if mine had been around we would have needed to find a very private place. But I don’t worry about that – I think trust should be given outright, not earned, if you’re in a relationship with someone. What’s really funny is that in my search, I actually found dating websites specifically for people who want to date pilots, and I realized that there are a lot of women who are infatuated with them.Like I said, I never really thought about it, so it surprised me. I’ve seen pilots in uniform before and, except for the occasional super-hottie, I’ve never been attracted to them.

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