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Corporal punishment is much rarer now than it was then, and disposable diapers much more common.

Microwave ovens and other modern conveniences have changed our lives profoundly just in the past decade or two. Usually you need at least two people for this, and often one will play the "child" role and the other will play an adult caregiver of some kind (mother, father, other relative, babysitter, nanny, etc.).

When we think back, there are certain memorable moments we can remember well, good or bad, but the unremarkable everyday events have blurred together or maybe even disappeared.

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It can also mean the fetish or attraction to this type of play (this fetish is called , often abbreviated to "ABs." Some psychologists have coined the term "paraphilic infantilism" to describe this, but I'm not sure it's widely accepted in the medical community.

Humiliation is an important element for some players.

It doesn't have to be present, but it can be: being treated like a child and condescended to, being called names like "diaper baby" or "sissy", or even just looking like a child because of the clothing and other "props" you have with you can be erotically humiliating for some. One might think that, since this is a presentation about erotic age roleplaying, sex would necessarily be an element.

Fairy-tale-type games are also almost a stereotype; imagine Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

I can imagine playing a teenager just learning about his/her sexuality, and this is a scene in which the other player(s) could also ageplay as other teens.

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