Amy dumas and cm punk dating

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After their break-up Dumas began dating WWE superstar CM Punk. Punk was dating Lita during 2009 and the couple had a lengthy relationship but recently it was made known that the couple isn't dating anymore. yes they r dating After joining Ohio Valley Wrestling, CM Punk began dating Maria Kanellis, who was working in OVW as an interviewer, however they broke up sometime after CM Punk was moved to World Wrestling Entertainment and started working on the ECW brand. In the summer of 2006, Dumas began dating Shane Morton, her Luchagors bandmate.also aj rides cm punk's tour bus with Kofi and Punk.Lita Amy Dumas Husband Boyfriend Who is Amy Dumas dating with current relationship.So people need to stop making stuff up, just saying.Lita and CM broke up in 2012 he is now married to AJ Lee She is currently having an affair with CMPunk hopefully 'Taker don't find out!

She then, attended Funk’s school, a wrestling school alongside 23 men.

Please quit making up lies, she is not having an affair with CM Punk she is very happily married to the Undertaker, and CM punk is dating Lita No.

Lita is currently dating CM Punk, I believe Matt Hardy posted not so long ago, on twitter, that he was in town with his girlfriend, he also posted a picture of himself and Jeff, both with their girlfriends.

Later she separated with Essa later joined Matt and Jedd Hardy, the group of three named threesome and earned much popularity.

Throughout her wrestling career, Lita has earned a big title; the for four times.

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