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Patience is a virtue and something that will come in handy when dating Arab women.Take the time to show her your intentions are honorable even if you are not looking for a long term relationship at first. The focus of most Arab families is to raise their daughters to be good wives.Recent headlines have shown that there has been a great deal of tension among Islamic Arab families living in the West but still holding strong to their faith.Islamic women are not allowed to choose their dates and men must ask permission from the father, elder brother or elder male family member prior to dating a woman.You can pretty much gauge whether or not a woman is from a strict Islam family if she is wearing a hajib (head covering) or a niqab (face veil).Because a great number of Islamic women do attend universities in the West you will interact with them so it is imperative to be able to discern if her family would take offense to her dating a non-believer.

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Modesty is of prime importance to Arabs and segregation is vital.Young women are not generally seen in the company of men unchaperoned and quite often their marriages are still arranged for them!This is not always the case of Arabs living in the Western world as families here may have been assimilated into our culture to some extent.One of the most common mistakes that we make today is in assuming that people from one part of the world all embrace the same religion or philosophies.Therefore, when seeking advice on dating Arab women it would be best to understand that you are probably ‘thinking’ that woman is Muslim. There is a broad difference between the two even though they have many points of intersection.

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