Attitudes toward interracial dating

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When the couple met in their late teens, life was quite different to how it was now; being in an interracial relationship was accepted in the multicultural area they grew up in, but not necessarily by everyone. We were both in relationships with other people but there was an underlying attraction. “Spencer drove past my bus stop one day and he picked me up and dropped me to work.We later arranged to meet back at my house and that was it.In comparison to the US where interracial marriage was only legalised in 1967, there is definitely scope to argue Britain as a whole is a more liberal country when it comes to this subject.Despite this, there have been examples of a mixed ethnicity celebrity couple coming up against racism when revealing their relationship into the public domain.In any relationship, most people think an important factor is approval of the people they care most about in their life; their friends and family.Spencer spoke of the fact his friends and family were very accepting of his relationship but sparked a few concerns.A week after that we went on our first date and from then on we were inseparable,” she said.When asked what it is like to be in an interracial relationship the couple both described it as “normal”.

Some older generations may have different opinions in relation to cultures mixing due to traditions and norms of the past, but this is not the case in Mal and Pablo’s relationship.

I was paying at the till and he basically said to me outright ‘Why are you with a black man?

’ My response was ‘you don’t choose who you fall in love with’ to which he had nothing in reply,” said Sarah.

Spencer explained that in their relationship they didn’t see colour, Sarah is just a woman who he loves and they wouldn’t use the fact they are of two different races to define themselves.

Despite the fact the two were positive about the experiences they have had together living as a multicultural couple, they did tell a few of stories of times they experienced prejudice.

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