Average number dating relationships before marriage

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The real danger comes from settling down before you are feeling ready.

The decision needs to come from inside, not from external pressure.

A homeless guy, who struck up conversation with me in New York City one night when I was in line to get pizza, told me the magic number was five.

Neither could explain why that number was the right number for me to find my Mr.

Seven dates, plus two blind dates and two dates with someone from the Internet.

How do your personal statistics compare with these "average" ones?

I think you should date as many people as you possibly can before settling down.

Everyone goes too much for serial monogamy and goes from one relationship to the next, never getting their needs met. See if they match the things you have outlined in your plan as they start to reveal themselves to you as a person.

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Otherwise, when push comes to shove in a relationship, it's going to be hard to stick it out.

When you first start dating it can be tempting to focus on one person, sometimes to the exclusion of others.

Should I try to fall in love with three people before crowning the third as my forever soul mate?

Should I just chill and twiddle my thumbs until the man of my dreams knocks on my door?

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