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But when you're lucky enough to have a great media gig, you accept that taking incoming heat is part of the job. You don't use your privileged perch to compare yourself to Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto. Do we tell cocaine addicts just to snort in moderation?Abusers it's ok to abuse every now and again but don't make it a habit?Bangkok's Naughty Internet Landscape To call it a whorehouse would not be entirely accurate, but what goes on in there, or at least what is organised in there, bears a greater resemblance to the likes of Patpong and Pattaya than it does to the conservative lives that many of the ladies participating in there would like us to believe they lead.A feature of the Bangkok internet landscape for many years now, Bangkokchat has been through various guises.If the thought of restraining your partner for sexual pleasure appeals to you, you're not alone.There are plenty of bondage obsessed people waiting to hook up with you at bondage personals.A close colleague at work is a Bangkokchat addict and frequently uses it in the office.He delights in reading out excerpts of his conversations when they get particularly racy, which is pretty much every day.

Bangkokchat has not gone un-noticed in expat circles either.

So if tying up someone or being tied up is your cup of tea then join and browse through the profiles today.

Alcoholics just to sip beer occasionally so they don't binge?

Many are educated Thai women, and as has been discussed here so many times, the type of women who may be interested in meeting Western guys for a bit of fun, but determined that no-one too close to them, particularly members of their family, knows about it.

They are the "JFF" girls as one once told me, "Just For Fun".

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