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Before you decide to start reaching out to all of these freelance writing companies, you need to have a web presence. When you’re ready to start, here are 150 resources to help you write better, faster and more persuasively.

You need a blog (in my humble blogger opinion, of course). If that’s intimidating, just start with these 50 resources.

They assume that by paying you to do a free trial, you’ll either like the product and purchase it, or forget to cancel the trial and get charged for it.

If you can keep track and cancel before you get charged (if you don’t want the product), then this is a great site for making some money.4.

Too many of them are just sales pitches to convince you to sign up for some seminar, webinar, training session or some other way to become an online millionaire. Most of them require a lot of work and sometimes a lot of dedication before seeing a return on your time.

I mean, the people selling all of those millionaire pitches are making money, right? The problem is that the real ways to make money aren’t “get rich quick” schemes.

Fiverr – Fiverr is a great place to make a few bucks or spend a few bucks if you need some of the services people offer. If you sell art and you’re fine selling pieces for each, that’s a gig.

If you’re a graphic designer and you want to offer your services for /hour, simply offer a 30 minute gig.

I’m going to tell you about all kinds of legitimate ways to make money online.

There are all kinds of websites that will pay you for various things, such as shopping, taking surveys or testing products. Swagbucks – Swagbucks is great for earning some extra cash.

No, I’m not getting paid to promote any of these and no, these websites won’t make you a millionaire, but they are great for earning some extra cash. You can do a variety of things to make money, from taking surveys to using their search engine. If you have the time to kill, you can spend it earning some extra cash, instead of surfing the web.2.

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for; once you’re ready to actually start making money, here are 10 websites you can start with:7.

Listverse – Listverse pays 0 for each accepted post.

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