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Neither of the players involved here have made their relationship public, so why is it that people HAVE to speculate?Have you ever considered that the two involved don't want you to know, which is why neither mentions the other name in any romantic context?The Wings re-signed AP college player of the year Megan Gustafson earlier Thursday. The former Iowa center was drafted 17th by the Wings, but was one of the final cuts from the roster before the season started.

” #Left Foot Right Foot Breathe Repeat Ozrb On the girls side of the @jrnba Regional, it’s nice to see @Candace_Parker’s and @_ajawilson22’s teams performing well.

Maybe they haven't told their own parents/families yet.

If player privacy is to be respected, then why not respect it across the board? It's not about keeping same sex relationships under wraps while exposing opposite sex relationships.

This rant reminds me of the William Shatner Star Trek convention skit he did on Saturday Night Live... Why do we expect athletes or celebrities to announce their sexual orientation?

People will draw conclusions based on seeing them together or being at each others games. Why couldn't the person who responded to this thread say she was seeing a friend or friends without the quotation marks? you don't even know what happened so you should really be careful of what YOU assume...

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