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Chatting with cam girls online is as thrilling as going on a date and meeting someone for the first time, except any nervousness is thrown out the window because these ladies are always excited to talk to you.One of the major perks of having a sexy chat on webcam is that everything is interactive.“People asked me if it was an April Fools joke,” Pei says: “But it was very serious.” Pei wanted to research how people in China talk about masturbation.The video that was made for this, where people were asked if they had ever masturbated, received over 10 million views on Youku.In one chapter of her book she pays attention to the topic of women having affairs with foreign men, especially Western ones.“It’s not about the green card,” Pei says: “It’s cultural capital.” Many women told Dr.Well, rest assured that our sites literally have something for everyone.

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“Only men can do it”, “too much masturbation will give you small penis”, “one drop of semen equals ten drops of blood”, “I might not have normal sex again after masturbating”, or “women who masturbate are no good” – just a few examples of existing ideas on masturbation.“Talking about masturbation opens the door to so many other topics,” Pei says: “Research on masturbation led us to conceptions about femininity, masculinity, gender, body image and even self-development.” Masturbation was not Pei’s original focus of study.Sex, especially for men, is seen as a natural part of life. Their excuse is that they are still a virgin, or that they are single, and that sex is therefore not a part of their lives.In Chinese traditional thought, still hugely influencing modern-day society, there are many misconceptions about women and sex.Pei Yuxin did her Ph D at the University of Hong Kong over ten years ago, using Shanghai as her research field.“I talked to dozens of women from the 1970s about their sex lives,” she says: “and masturbation already came up during the second interview I did.” Pei was fascinated with the topic, as it brought up so many other issues concerning women and sex: while many sexual acts, including masturbation, are considered ‘healthy’ or ‘normal’ for men, they are considered ‘dirty’ for women.

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