Dating a non committal man

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Before you go bragging about how awful non-committal people are and how they spoil your romantic plans and dating experience, we offer you to stop and try diving into the psychology of non-committal daters.

Who knows, maybe you are not as ready for the commitment as you think you are.

While you were that eager to find your perfect match before, once you got burned, you start thinking that everything is fine just the way it is. There is no need to move in together and there is no need to share your everyday life with somebody else. Fear We fear to commit, as commitment is a very important step in our life.

We tend to believe that commitment leads to marriage, and no matter how much we love our partner, we don't want to lose critical perspective.

You don't have much free time, and you don't want to devote your free time to weekends spent with the boring parents of your partners. Past Experiences When the 80% of the dating pool is represented by non-committal daters, no wonder that you are going to get hurt.

Painful past experiences often lead to the absence of desire to commit.

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But there are certain traits that can help you figure out whether you are dating a non-committal woman. Body Language A non-committal woman always keeps the distance in non-intimate moments.

Besides, there is no law claiming that you should marry at a certain age. A romantic relationship requires certain responsibilities and a lot of people feel quite uncomfortable with that.

You have responsibilities at your work, needless to say that you don't want to take extra responsibilities.

It's unlikely that you will walk holding hands on the street or hug each other sitting at the cafe.

When you are at the cafe or restaurant, she would prefer sitting opposite to you rather than sitting beside you. Because they didn't have time to search for partners offline.

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