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"I meet a lot of very successful men who specifically don’t want to meet people in finance," Mac Lynn said.

"They spend so much of their time being logical and analytical that they're looking for someone in a creative industry like fashion or marketing to balance that out." Staff at big firms like KPMG, EY, and US banks like Goldman Sachs want a partner just as intelligent as them in an equally demanding line of work.

"The whole bilingual thing is like catnip to them." Wherever they are based, many of Vida's clients look for someone in a different industry.

Her dating agency Vida — which is based in Mayfair — has clients in senior positions at firms including Barclays Wealth, Goldman Sachs, EY, KPMG, and Deutsche Bank.

Most of the agency's clients are straight, while 55% are men aged between 35 and 60.

"People working for companies with very corporate, competitive environments tend to place intellect very high on their list of priorities," she said.

And though Vida's clients are smart, that doesn't mean they know what makes a life partner compatible.

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