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The report says victims of spiritual abuse "may well include almost the total school population." The descriptions of abuses against children as young as 8 are nauseating.

They include accounts of men repeatedly molesting, fondling, and caressing young girls.

The most harrowing hours for the children living at the Fanda Missionary School in Senegal, West Africa, came at night.

It wasn't just the country's war-zone conditions of the 1980s and 1990s that brought dread into the hearts of young boarding school students who missed their parents at bedtime: For many of the children, the midnight prowlers they feared most were the missionaries assigned to protect them.

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It's also a moment for other evangelical groups and churches to learn from NTM's admitted failures and to face the stark reality: This could happen anywhere.

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The investigation records 22 to 27 victims of sexual abuse and more than 35 victims of physical and emotional abuse by at least 12 adults at the school.Twenty years later, their dark story of abuse is getting daylight, exposing the victims' ordeal and the child abusers who remain free today.In late August, an evangelical organization called GRACE, an acronym for Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment, issued the results of a year-long investigation into child abuse at Fanda, a now-closed boarding school operated by New Tribes Mission (NTM)-one of the largest evangelical mission agencies based in the United States.At least one predator-a "house parent" to the children living in the school's dormitory-molested girls at night in their dorm beds.Others sexually abused girls that they invited to their private homes on campus. One account included the statutory rape of a male teenager by a missionary's wife.

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