Dating in the modern world

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In addition, no one hesitated to seek the services of a matchmaker.

At all times, people sought to meet and communicate with each other.

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We need to stop being so self absorbed and start looking forward rather than down all the time.

Why are we so worried to say the first few words to a new person who's walked into our lives?

From coming to the door with flowers, to getting a quick text that reads “I’m here," and we have suddenly grown to accept and expect that type of interaction.

I'm a 30-something living in Iowa trying to meet someone. But how do I keep meeting the same creeps over and over? So, I go out with this man a few times, he is a couple of years older than me, attorney, good looking enough, works out, etc etc. but he is/was a texter as annoying as that is) to see if he wants company as I'm out and about.

I know I'm not alone out there, so I want to hear your stories too! We appear to be hitting it off spent a Saturday out biking and then dinner then the next Saturday hiking and then wandering around our alma mater then dinner. He texts back an hour later "Sorry, I have to go to the store and get cereal." I was okay with that because by the time I received a response I was home and not going back out. How hard is it to say, hey I've enjoyed your company but I don't see this going anywhere.

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