Dating kazanromantic

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Description: On the streets of Moscow, close to the Kazan Kremlin, the trading house "CUM" and the train station, "MATHILDE" opened a cafe.

Original restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and air-European interior design has won many fans.

Unfortunately, chicken dishes occupy about half the menu.

They have a unique style which they flaunt gloriously.

If you see both, you can perhaps understand the sentiment.

The interior of the Kazan Kremlin is probably more photogenic than the one in Moscow! The Kazan Kremlin is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen so far. On top of that not as touristic than in Moscow either.

The looks, a strong character, and a generous soul – a Kazan girl is unique in every sense.

It’s rare to find a combination of beauty, intelligence, and generosity but you need to meet the girls from Kazan to believe your eyes.

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