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The studies presented here show that during the most active phase of active granule cell migration, there are significantly more granule neurons in transit in the cerebellar molecular layer of the mice lacking the t PA gene.

The area that today is Senegal once was part of the West African Empire of Mali, Ghana, and Tekrur.

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The words of the national anthem were written by Senghor.The national flag has bands of green, yellow, and red.A green five-pointed star appears in the center of the yellow band. Yellow stands for the savanna, and red for the blood spilled in the fight for liberty.Neuronal migration is a critical phase of brain development, where defects can lead to severe ataxia, mental retardation, and seizures.Therefore, when adult mice missing the t PA gene demonstrated no readily distinguishable phenotype (12), we were eager to examine their developmental neuroanatomy.

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