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Needless to say, Broly is the strongest damage dealer for Extreme STR.Unfortunately his only good links are Fierce Battle and Legendary Power, but Broly is strong enough to make up for it.He has good links in this team as he shares Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle with the team while also sharing Strongest Clan in Space and Universe's Most Malevolent with Catastrophic Rage Frieza (Final Form) and Reign of Terror Frieza (1st Form).On the flipside though, being at a low HP threshold puts you in a really dangerous spot as one Super Attack on a weak target could mean your untimely death. His passive launches an additional super attack, and increases his ATK by 80000 but lowers his DEF by -20000 when launching a super attack.While his 10 and 12 Ki Kaioken mechanic Super Attack remains the same, aside from a higher multiplier, his 11-Ki AOE multiplier has been drastically improved to supreme while also recovering 10% HP.His links are still great in this team, sharing Nightmare, Shocking Speed, Big Bad Bosses and Fierce Battle.Super Janemba is the current main lead for Extreme STR. While he does have a 80% ATK Boost, Janemba's main purpose is to tank, much like his INT counterpart.

Furthermore, when he encounters multiple enemies, he also debuffs them with a -20% ATK & DEF loss which could make him a potential lifesaver on Super Battle Roads.

This Frieza is an outstanding unit that could have very easily been a Dokkan Fest unit by itself.

With a passive that gives him a monstrous 260% ATK, after being hit, and 80% DEF as well as he greatly raises ATK for when launching his Super Attack.

While he will lose his support type passive, he gets Ki 3 and ATK & DEF 60% at the start of turn and an additional ATK & DEF 120% when launching a super attack.

Since both buffs activate at different times it results in a monster 252% ATK & DEF increase.

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