Dating shropshire star

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Newport was omitted from the Domesday Book, but this is not uncommon.Other towns omitted include London, Tamworth, Oswestry and Ludlow, all boroughs since Saxon times.

The River Meese, which flows from Aqualate Mere, lies to the north of the town.

With Gold Awards in the Heart of England in Bloom Competition from 2005 – 2017 our award winning annual floral extravaganza brings a diverse range of floral beauty wrapping Oswestry in a swath of rich and vibrant colours.

With regular, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday indoor markets, and a monthly Artisan market on the last Friday of every month, there are an abundance of bargains to be had. The Rotary Club of Oswestry and The Rotary Club of Oswestry Borderland are working together with Oswestry Town Council and EVAStore Document Management to provide a charity fundraising event to support youth organisations and projects in Oswestry.

Early man fished here and two ancient log boats were uncovered 1 mi (1.6 km) from Newport.

One has been preserved and is kept at Harper Adams University at Edgmond.

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