Dating silverface deluxe reverb

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I just got a ’70s silverface Fender Twin Reverb that needs a little TLC.

Surfing the various forums, I’ve learned that this master-volume edition of the Twin is one of the most (unfairly, to me) maligned designs.

But instead of being connected to a speaker, the output of the transformer in the reverb drive circuit is fed to a transducer in the reverb pan.

It’s similar to a speaker, except instead of driving a cone, it drives a spring. In reality, the result was far from stellar, and I’m not sure I know anyone who actually uses this feature.

As you can imagine, a signal derived from this circuit could have substantial level, which could easily overdrive a preamp tube—and since the overdrive comes from a little tube power amp, it should sound pretty good. I’ve never ascertained if this is because the reverb drive signal simply doesn’t sound as good as you’d expect, or because of where this signal is applied in the amp.

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The circuitry was altered as well: There were changes to the bias and phase inverter circuits and, most important, the output stage.He co-founded and was originally the principal designer for Budda Amplification, though he launched EAST Amplification ( in 2010.You can catch his podcasts at or email him at [email protected] Twin Reverbs are the most coveted versions of this amp.With their stated power of 85 watts, they are the most powerful Fender amps of the era.

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