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The qual­i­ty of these illus­tra­tions ranges from very good to very poor.

I chose to col­orize most of the pre­war cat­a­log illus­tra­tions to give an approx­i­ma­tion of how the par­tic­u­lar set looked.

Examine the speakers for a part number or the body of the radio for a model number.There are a few methods to identifying a Silvertone radio correctly. Many have the word “Silvertone” written on the dial.In addition, the plates on Silvertone dials up to 1935 were often ornately designed and made out of copper, brass or nickel.Every manufacturer was free to make up its own scheme, and often a given manufacturer would change its numbering scheme over the years.Model numbers are often printed on a paper label attached to the back, inside, or bottom of the radio cabinet.

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