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Have you put off repairing your VW’s rust issues for fear of what it will cost? When you browse our selection, you’ll find the body parts you need to make your VW shine again.You’ll also find that these parts are offered at low prices.When international standardisation took place, this became WVWzzz11z AM000001.WVW means Volkswagen private cars, the z’s are fill in characters and the letter ‘M’ in the 11 position denotes the country of manufacture, in this case Mexico.Well that helps quite a bit the engine is a 56, I wasn't sure if Everything was different on this buggy or not because so far everything is sooo mismatched its not even funny.

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Chassis Numbers Starting with chassis numbers, the Beetle has always had the factory designation of Type 1 and with the exception of the period from 1956 to 1964, the chassis number will start with a 1 or 11. VW transaxle codes all start with a 2 letter prefix i.e. Here's a link to codes and ratios once you find the right number on the trans. Type Codes & Ratios_________________I do line boring (Tru Line) and machine work. I have the same problem and it seems there is no chart that I can find for it...Chassis numbers started at 1-0001 in 1940, but because the Type 1 prefix also included military vehicles, by 1945 when the numbering had reached 1-053814, only a few hundred Beetles had been built.By 1955, once Beetle production had reached one million, the 1 prefix was followed by seven digits.

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