Dating what does he think

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It could be because of how the relationship dynamic was… or maybe just pressures and unrealistic expectations that you put on yourself.I am empathetic to anyone who suffers with so-called neediness since our society doesn’t teach people how to feel secure or grounded. our society force-feeds everyone messages and perspectives that lead people to feel more uncertain, more afraid, more insecure.Thnx for the advice, I’m bn wondering what I was doing wrong..I am in a relationship ,my boyfriend works I dnt but I want him to text,call communicate almost everyday and he sometimes just dnt text back or call back,so I’ll feel lyk he is ignoring me Had an amazing few months.said the I love you daily many times…we were sync like we had been together all our lives…in place .out we had to.touch one another ever in hand holding.told his family I was what he always wanted.out for drinks one eve.home ..talking in bed…suddenly he said I was with holding love making and he left very angry…would not talk nothing .right down.a text came after days of me letting him know I did not intentionally with hold being with him in sex.won’t talk now .a small 3word text .he hasn’t felt as hoped…but I am no kid here .man acts as he was with me so intensely in love and ghosts …what can I do to make him see ..understand .been A week ..i care greatly for this person..soulmate connection was strongly felt here he agreed…help!I had 3 amazing dates, and I really connected with him.

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My husband thinks it’s a”woman’s” duty and he doesn’t help at all.

Examine what you thought you needed to have but wasn’t possible.

Do your best to examine it purely from your side without blaming the guy.

Note: I’m not saying that what he did or didn’t do isn’t his “fault”…

the purpose of this exercise is to find within yourself where you actually have control and choice, so that in the future you can make different choices and get a different outcome.

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