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The concepts behind these shows-within-a-movie were relatively straightforward: watch a dude live.Reality TV has come a long way since: never satisfied with reality, it evolves in its desperation to mine and embellish obscurer and obscurer realities.Remember when concept-twin films were released a mere year apart?Those were the good old days when people were worried enough about the imminent cultural imposition of reality TV to make mainstream movies about it.The big reveal for contestants at the end — that little “something about Miriam,” if you will — was that she was trans.The show repulsively exploited trans identity for a “gotcha” moment — and of course contestants reacted rather poorly.Discovery What do you do with the Amish when you’re tired of seeing them go to the city, tired of seeing these rosy-cheeked innocents looking misplaced in the dark corners of an outside world of grime and smut?

The show’s bro contestants thought they’d be competing for the title of “All-American Man” through challenges in which they’d display their ability to match whatever reality TV thought American hypermasculinity might be; the prize: 0,000.Of course, if any of them try to kill Piggy, a nice cameraman could intervene, or an off-camera parent could punish them by taking away their right to later appear on, say, is absolutely as tawdry as it sounds, and is the real-life equivalent of “Dick in a Box.” On this show, a gay man must attempt, via fellatio or perhaps other stuff, to make a straight male porn star climax, while said male porn star tries, at the same time, not to climax. The gay man has 40 minutes (as does the straight man, of course). Yet Spurlock decided to make a reality show out of the 30-day premise behind his self-destructive streak of eating only at Mc Donald’s in This show is a surprising example of the ways in which reality TV, if given just a little more care outside of being the televised equivalent of clickbait (which makes it such an interesting, morally complex topic for a listicle, dont’cha know?), could indeed be a little more meaningful (just a little bit).Of course, what the show fails to reveal is that it’s quite likely — if not entirely certain — that they’re actually emotional prisoners in their forced heterosexuality, and that their wives are similarly prisoners to their husbands’ desires to lead normative lives without actually desiring their wives.follows men who’ve had bad luck — or are just inept romantically — and their mothers who’ve decided to take matters into their own hands and help hand-select their son’s bride.

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