David x direct dating summit

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The Direct Approach Dating Summit for Men, which was a two-day conference held in London, England in November 2010, will soon release a DVD set featuring verbal communication & body language expert Alan Roger Currie and international Dating Coach David X.

The DVD set is full of information, knowledge and wisdom designed to help single heterosexual men improve their level of self-confidence and interpersonal communication skills with women in today's challenging dating and relationships arena.

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David X, who goes by the nickname, "The Godfather of Natural Attraction and Seduction," has been a mentor to many popular dating coaches and seduction gurus, such as Erik Von Markovik (a.k.a.

"Mystery" of VH-1's "The Pickup Artist" fame), David De Angelo and Ross Jeffries.

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Do you lose your focus and struggle with your confidence with attractive women?

looking to boost your confidence and learn what to say, when and how to build attraction honestly and openly with the women of your desire?

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