Dns is not updating from dhcp server

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DNS consists of thousands of servers working together.

If one server cannot resolve a name or IP, it can contact another server that can then ask the next one, and so on.

Users don’t normally notice this exchange between the server and the client.

As I mentioned, the DHCP server can also transfer other information to the clients, such as subnet mask, name server, domain name, and gateway – even details for network booting (PXE boot, Preboot e Xecution Environment), NTP (Network Time Protocol), or proxy configuration via WPAD (Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol).

Also, the client itself can transmit the information to the DNS server. It is often referred to as DNS Update (RFC 2136) or Dynamic Update (Microsoft). Please refer to the UCS manual for more information on how to set up those services.

DNS is a hierarchical structure: The root is at the top and represented by a dot (.). The UCS Open LDAP directory service is responsible for transmitting information about the DNS and DHCP services.

to see the Update, Notify and Zonetransfer pakets in the logs.

The DHCP server also determines how long an IP address is valid.

If the so-called lease time expires while a client is still active, it tries to automatically renew the lease time.

A DNS server in a private network is also responsible for the name resolution. web browsers) don’t necessarily need the dot that’s representing the root.

It knows all IP addresses and names of the devices. to the internet, the local name server can contact one or more external DNS servers. That’s different for name servers like BIND (see the next section): When you enter the hostname in the Univention Management Console (UMC) always put in the FQDN with the dot and not the IP address.

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