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Some of us wasted a lot of time in our lives running around doing unimportant things… All because we don’t want to face this thing called . But the universe didn’t just went ahead and took care of the rest.

But to become successful at what he does, he still has to go through the grind just like everyone else. But for the rest of us, the power of now also inspires us to want more and be more.We were supposed to meet up on a Sunday night at 8pm in my local pub. Ghosting is such a cowardly act, and not only that, it’s .I had even run into him the day before – we live in the same neighbourhood – and he had introduced me to his friends and said he was excited to see me. If you spend quality time with someone, or make plans with someone, why not have the decency to text a few lines to say if it’s not working out?Does Eckhart Tolle have all the answers to your life’s problems? But other than experiencing peace and joy, can his teachings of “being in the now” help you to manifest your desires in life? ” He might just sit there in silence and smile at you.

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