Email slow when updating deleted items django syncdb not updating database

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The command to return all mailboxes is Get-Mailbox.

How about we try and pipe Get-Mailbox into Get-Mailbox Folder Statistics?

Get-Mailbox | Get-Mailbox Folder Statistics | Where | Select Name, Items In Folder As you can see it iterates through the mailboxes but the we don’t know which mailbox the item count corresponds to.

Looking back at the Get-Mailbox Folder Statistics | Get-Member Cmdlet, lets try using the Identity property as well.

If you don’t want to do that, at least move all older emails to another folder so that Outlook does not have to load thousands of emails every time it comes to the Inbox, thus causing higher memory usage. Make sure you are only using essential add-ins for Outlook.

A lot of programs love to install add-ons to Outlook automatically, such as Adobe, Ever Note, Wunderlist, etc.

Instead of having thousands of emails in your Inbox, Auto Archive will move the older ones to a new PST file and keep your current PST file slim.

Every so often I get a call from a user complaining that Outlook is slow while moving from/to/within their Inbox.

To be able to do this we will need to perform a Where operation on the Name property, combined with match to match the string to the name.

Get-Mailbox Folder Statistics | Where | Select Name, Items In Folder Now I’d like to perform the same Cmdlet for all mailbox users on the server at the same time.

Instead of dealing with Outlook crashes, crazy error messages, memory hogging or wasting time waiting for Outlook to load, why not follow my advice below to make Outlook fast and responsive.

One thing you want to understand about Outlook is that it’s completely run from a database.

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