Failure at dating speed dating events in jhb

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On the surface one would imagine that the failure is due to the woman being less attractive to the male because of the more children she has, but the science indicates that when all the external factors are removed, this is not a consideration in the process, it is more about the females emotional (and sometimes physical) availability.Some men in the study complained that their partner was 100% about their children and 0% about their relationship.It is that situation that the single mother is looking to avoid, whether she consciously admits to it or not.made the specific point that mothers in the US (statistically regardless of whether they had been previously married or not) who had school-age children were not really able to date very successfully because they were commonly emotionally unavailable.It is as if the women cannot control themselves and this behavior is preordained in our DNA.

In his thesis, he was able to show that the dating failure rate in this subset was astronomically high and that the reason behind this in the most extreme cases was because the women were often both physically and emotionally not open to a new love interest, despite themselves being single and giving off the appearance and desire of actually needing a mate. went on to show that the more children the single parent has, the more likely they were to fail in a new relationship.

It appeared in the Pearson Protocol that a number of the other external factors could be at play, but with these factors removed, there still remained the key element that his thesis discovered. Obviously there were many outliers and external factors in this consideration but the general consensus of his sample gave the impression that the sweet spot of failure, to coin a phrase, was children of 3 to 10 years of age.

This is the very worst time for a single mother to attempt to date prospective partners.

In his thesis, Pearson examines societal values and the way they prioritize assets and “things” over life experiences and personal character.

Pearson determines that this can have a profound affect on mating decisions.

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