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Jackson Guitars started off providing quality American-made heavy metal guitars to popular artists, headlined by Randy Rhoads. no dinky were 24.75 and no fusions 24.75 guitars were reverse head stocks.Now under Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, they continue to offer rock and metal friendly guitars at various price points. if you go to the jackson website and look at the catalog scans for 1996 you can find your guitar.If you'd like an odd set for a 54 or 32 key Rhodes just let us know.These bridle straps are very high quality with heavy duty Fabrilite tips.Type 1 Service Manual Schematics Tone Bar Assembly Nice 1 Service Manual Schematics Parts List Brand New Vintage Fender Rhodes Tone Nos Brand New Vintage Fender Rhodes Manual Schematics Parts List Factory Oem Service Shop Manual Schematics Parts List Shop Manual Schematics Parts List Tuning Spring Hammond Organ M100 Organ Technical Service Manual Hammond Organ M M2 M3 Organ Technical Service Hammond Organ Tone Generator Type 1 Service Drawknob Keychain Engraved Moller Pipe Organ Service Repair Manual Schematics Parts List Baldwin Organ Technical Hammond Organ Keys Service Repair Shop Manual Schematics Organ Tone Generator Series Service Manual Schematics Kimball Organ Model Series Service Manual Schematics Parts List Service Manual Schematics Parts List Keyboard Gulbransen Organ Duet Piano Bench Conn Organ Model B3 C3 A100 Organ Run Organ Volume Pedal Leslie Half Moon Echo Switch Midi Project Schaff Piano Farfisa Combo Compact Organ Conn Organ Service Manual Rhodes Piano Tine Vintage Piano Tuning Service Schematics Manual Factory Oem Piano Tuning Hammer Hammond Organ L100 Hammond Percussion Hammond Keys Hammond Motor Hammond Organ Switch Lowrey Organ Model Wire Piano Fender Rhodes 73 Organ Reverb Wurlitzer Organ Model Sustain Damper Piano Tool Sustain Foot Pedal Damper Pedal Piano Sustain Pedal Fender Rhodes Piano Organ Power Supply Organ Owners 2 Speed Leslie Organ Owners Manual Organ Expression Pipe Organ Faux Ivory Drawknob Keychain M2 M3 M100 Pianocorder Yamaha Portatone Keyboard Tonewheel Organ Leslie Motor Organ Bass Pedal Tuning Hammer Type 1 Service Repair Organ Control Used Piano Hammers Moller Pipe Organ Faux Ivory Drawknob Service Manual Schematics Parts List Factory Kimball Organ Synthesizer Service Manual Organ Foot Pedal Thomas Transistor Organ Piano Bench With Straight Fender Rhodes 88 Piano Bench With Storage Kawai Electronic Organ Piano Foot Pedal Hammond B3 C3 Volume Expression Pedal Organ Faux Ivory Drawknob Keychain Engraved Piano Service Rhodes 73 Service Manual Schematics Parts List Oem Casio Rom Pack Piano Tuner Shop Manual Schematics B3 C3 Leslie Tremolo Unit Organ Vintage Bench Padded Piano Bench Vintage Fender Rhodes Tine Tremolo Switch Vintage Fender Rhodes Tone Bar Organ Power Vintage Leslie Organ Piano Bench Cushion Piano Hammer Repair Shop Manual Schematics Parts List Organ Start Piano Damper Piano Damper Felt Hammond Organ Model Theatre Organ Ivory Piano Genie Service Manual Schematics Parts List Leslie 122 147 Yamaha Sustain Pedal Baldwin Electronic Organ Leslie Tremolo Organ Keys Hammond Organ Bass Pedal Hammond M Series Keyboard Sustain Midi Organ Spinet Organ Keyboard Sustain Pedal Leslie Half Moon Organ Circuit Boards Vintage Baldwin Organ Damper Sustain Pedal Organ Amplifier Tonewheel Generator Leslie Model Fender Rhodes Piano Tine Yamaha Clavinova Piano Half Moon Tremolo Organ Bench Or Piano Bench Wurlitzer Electric Thomas Electronic Organ Leslie Amplifier Yamaha Electone Organ Leslie Tone Cabinet Gulbransen President Organ Piano Ivory Leslie Combo Gulbransen Tube Organ Organ Pedals Piano Legs Hardtop Piano Bench Keyboard Foot Legs Storage Electronic Organ Model L100 M100 Organ Control Switch Organ Amp Organ Key Organ Tone Yamaha Clavinova Yamaha Portasound Keyboard Ivory Piano Keys Chorale Tremolo Organ Pipes Hammond Amp Rhodes Mark Yamaha Electone Combo Organ Hammond M3 Wurlitzer Electric Piano Wurlitzer 200 Pipes Organ Ivory Keys Yamaha Organ Parts Straight Legs Piano Control Leslie 122 Pin Hammond Organ Console Series Organ Hammond H-100 Hammond L-100 Piano Bench Adjustable Hammond Tube Rhodes Sustain Ensoniq Asr-10 Leslie Tremolo Motor Casio Pedal Piano Repair Piano Repair Parts Piano Pedal Lowrey Organ Leslie 147 Run Motor Hammond Organ Pedals Hammond Organ B-3 Qrs Pianomation Electro Music Rhodes Piano Gibbs Reverb Hammond Organ Drawbar Piano Tuning Wrench Leslie Switch Organ Volume Piano. Built to be identical to the original, are the same size and shape as the original Rhodes part. The back legs are prepared to be used with the original leg braces or with our rust proof stainless steel model. We manufacture these legs with the best materials available. Despite its higher cost, due to the following properties: Rust proof. My only additional advice being make sure you stretch each bridle strap before installation.As you can see in the pictures bellow the front legs are fully adjustable. The leg braces improve the overall stability of the piano. Harder than cold steel- Natural bright metallic look Crafted by experient professionals using the best tools. For Piano: These plain bridle straps are the most common for acoustic pianos but there are several styles.Their website features their complete product catalog, including custom shop options and more. the serial # on the back of the headstock is IWJ1200027. ita a JACKSON neckthru with the newer headstock, quilted maple top in red hi you have a 1996 jackson dr5. I have just acquired another Jackson soloist SL1 (my 4th!

Designed to go with the classic Fender Rhodes stage piano. The cabinet tolex does have scuffs and scratches but is in over all good condition. This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed.Return Window This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed.Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.I have two Jackson Warrior WRMG electric guitars With serial numbers 97675033 does anyone know what model and year it might be? If you have any information about them please email me or send to my telegram Thank you sincerely Jackson MIJ started using USA Seymour Duncan pickups on Japanese Jacksons around the end of 2005, and all the Jackson MIJ models I've seen having such serial numbers starting with first two digits 96, 97 are built around 2006 or 2007. So I emailed a Jackson rep and he told me that that particular model only had a compound radius after January 2015. What I would like to know is if my guitar was made before or after January 2015. I found an old Jackson Sunburst Tobacco Electric Guitar. The head stock shows the Jackson logo printed backwards (also has a reverse head stock). Does anyone know about guitars that were released with the logo printed backwards?If the guitar is close to mint condition, it is worth at least 9 Hello. Would appreciate any information based on the Serial number on the metal block behind the neck. Hi i was wondering about a guitar i have , it has a maple neck rosewood fret board body is metallic grey/ash color, number on the neck plate is 9720015. I was wondering if anyone know's how much this guitar might go for if sold.

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