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The upshot being if they don’t pay, the video will be released to those people.

Generally it isn’t because that’s hard work (and hard work isn’t a part of the bot running business!

But there’s another type - These are the nearly 100% bots and a good example of those is the Skype Sex Blackmail Bots.

They don’t always use Skype, they can use Whats App, Kik etc now, but basically the bots will sign up to a dating site and target a completely different demographic - Horny young men.

Free dirty chat bots with video-52

This protected people essentially from getting ads direct to messenger from pages they had simply Liked, for example. I have seen multiple people using a comment-to-bot feature. If you reply to that message, you have essentially opted in to someone’s Facebook messenger list.

Many people have heralded these as the new email (which is a whole separate and important discussion), but I want to focus on how they will kill page reach if we aren’t careful.

Using either Facebook ads or a tool like Many Chat, you can set up bots to engage with people via Facebook messenger.

There are less horrible bots who will simply create accounts or buy compromised email account/password lists and take over those accounts on popular dating sites.

Generally in this case they only expect to last a few hours, so their aim is to contact a lot of people and pass on a “payload” which is usually an off-site contact (phone, KIK, email etc).

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