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If I was south Asian I would pretend to be some yoga guru. I almost get the plight of young Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern men in North America.

My Indian friend had way more success with the beautiful All American blonde types in Texas than he did anywhere in California. I'm West Indian and honestly alot of Indian men do not care about their appearance and do not dress well. So I can understand now why so many Asian men want to go for white women. Its not that there is this big vendetta against Indian guys, you guys as a whole are very unattractive.I know a lot of white females that are into Tibetan Buddhism. Those of you that do put in work and take care of stuff manage to have your pick of the litter but on average, you guys are the ugliest because you don't care for your looks or appearance.Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche , the man that introduced Tibetan Buddhism to the west was quite the ladies man. Thanks for the assumptions, I on the other hand am actually a pretty decent looking non IT Indian man.So yes I agree with Ruth4truth a lot of Tibetans probably do get white women. I had to sit through several stops listening to this crazy yoga chick trying to recuit people to her classes. But look around, how many Indian guys with washboard abs and aesthetic faces do you see? The fact that you make so many assumptions about me without knowing anything about me proves my point.

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