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Her courses teach clients to get to know themselves before finding a partner.“I think my style of date coaching and my approach to it all is quite different from most other people’s because I believe that love is an inside job,” she said. Unless you can love yourself, you’re going to keep on repeating the same mistakes and attracting the wrong partners.” Cynthia said it was her own desperation that forced her to finally wake up and go after her own happiness. The Academy’s courses show students how to do their own inner work before they can form meaningful bonds with others.“Our clients have consistently praised her personable nature, which is a combination of wit, charm, and intelligence.Even the most confident and successful individuals have benefited from Cynthia’s coaching.“My husband died very suddenly, leaving me widowed and childless at the age of 42,” AC said.

Cynthia’s one-stop-shop model has proven very effective.

However, through it all, Cynthia has refused to give up on her quest for true love and happiness.

In 2002, she experienced a vital moment of clarity and decided to make some life-altering changes.

She began to focus on fulfilling her inner world and started exploring her own relationship with self-love and contentment. “By the time I’d met my third husband, Peter, I’d managed to transform my inner life,” she said. Peter was the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Cynthia didn’t want to keep the lessons she learned to herself, so she launched International Dating Academy to help others overcome their adversities in love.

The Academy offers a wide range of training courses and dating coaching services that give clients a road map to find and keep compatible partners.

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