Is camille dating nick

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Grimshaw showed Styles a series of photos, including one of actor Ryan Gosling and one of Rowe. Styles has amassed a reputation for dating Victoria’s Secret models.When shown Rowe, the singer grinned and said “I don’t know her. I hate you all so much.”The “Heart Monitor Challenge” went on to reveal that Styles is in awe of Gosling as an actor, and that he’s a big fan of Chelsea brand boots, but the biggest nugget to take away is definitely his coy response to Rowe. In January 2015, Us magazine claimed that he was cozying up to Nadine Leopold."Harry and Camille are in the early stages of dating," the source said. He seems besotted." Styles has already been asked about this relationship by his friend Nick Grimshaw during his BBC Radio 1 interview.

In an interview with L’Officiel in 2009, Rowe explained the cause of her success: “I seriously think it worked out for me because I’m kind. OK, if you want, a girl next door pretty pretty.” She added that its important to keep things in perspective when fame comes knocking,” I would never understand the importance people place on this.

Fashion is my job, not my life.”While it seemed innocent enough at the time, Styles’ interview on BBC 1 Radio now proves to be the hint that he was secretly dating Rowe.

BBC host Nick Grimshaw played a game with Styles and had him play the “Heart Monitor Challenge”, which would prove whether or not the singer was telling the truth when asked various silly questions.

The two were also seen wearing similar clothing the night before.

Styles and Sampaio’s relationship was quietly broken off before the end of the year.

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