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When the audience found Katie, she had moved to another seat, at a different table, nowhere near Jamie.They were seated together just one minute earlier, and Clive even added, “If you’re going to sit together, what better night than tonight.”When the ballroom emptied out later, Jamie left with friends and Katie had already disappeared. Humans, equipped with human eyes, saw the duo giggling, whispering, and gazing at each other throughout the night at the Sheraton. Which brings us to the question: why are these two so weird when it comes to being together?The two didn't enter the event together – Holmes was accompanied on the red carpet by designer Zac Posen – but posed together inside. Foxx, 51, kept things mostly simple with a black suit and tie, but rocked purple shoes that perfectly matched Holmes's look.

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If you are unsure about your feelings or the feelings of your partner, you will be reluctant to go public because the relationship might not have long term potential.If you are in the spotlight as Katie and Jamie are, your love life is the only piece of your identity that you can hold near and dear to your heart.It is very draining being under the microscope of your fans and critics who will constantly pass judgement, both positive and negative.”Greene’s advice to Katie and Jamie is to actually go public — it kind of kills the mystery and people don’t care so much anymore.Yep, first they were spotted holding hands on Malibu beach and now Jamie has celebrated his 50th birthday with Katie.Well, well, well, if it isn’t Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx out together at the 2019 Met Gala.

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