Jane dating speed dating hints

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It features everything from a pop song with backup dancers to a pretend action movie trailer, and I guarantee you won’t make it through the whole 27 minutes without sobbing.

Now, four years after their wedding, the Baldonis have two children together, Maiya and Maxwell.

Apparently their 20 year age difference – Thomas is 41, Renee is just 21 – hasn’t been an issue.

Adds the insider: “they think it might be love.” didn’t just make this up and Jane was actually seen holding hands with this girl.

That’s why this news of Jane’s latest relationship just rubs me the wrong way.

According to Star he’s dating a 21 year-old actress he met at a Christmas party.

Baldoni married his wife, Emily, in July 2015 — but nothing can ever beat the couple’s proposal video, which went viral in late 2013 and now has over 12 million views.

With her husband Michael miraculously resurfacing from the dead in the Season 4 finale, Jane’s relationship with Rafael has fallen apart — and Rafael apparently even has a new love interest (?! To help myself deal with all this drama, I wanted to find out who the stars date in real life.

Thankfully, their IRL love stories are much happier than those of their TV characters.

) returned in Season 4 with amnesia (turns out his death was faked).

The actor himself has a much less, erm, dire romantic situation.

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