Kunis began dating actor macaulay culkin

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Interest in Macaulay Culkin’s sexual orientation peaked on April 24, 2018.Google Trends recorded an increase in search volume related to search-phrases like, “Macaulay Culkin gay,” “Macaulay Culkin married,” and “Macaulay Culkin dating.” It seems his appearance on .He was touring and performing with The Pizza Underground in 2014.

He was based in New York while Kunis was in Los Angeles.When the late King of Pop was being investigated for sexual abuse allegations, Culkin testified in the Jackson trial.He has repeatedly refuted the allegations against Jackson and said that the iconic musician never touched him inappropriately.It would also appear that the gay rumors about Culkin don’t crop up without reason.Back in 2014, pictures surfaced of Culkin kissing a man, raising questions about his sexuality.

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