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Sir Clifford, however, doesn’t want to see his title end, and invites Connie to take a lover, in hopes of claiming an illegitimate child for his own.Finally, after discussing the symbolism of the black horse of passion with Sir Clifford, Connie hires a nurse for her husband and sets off to explore her estate-an estate that the brutish and strong-not paralyzed-Mellors is always lurking.

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She is a woman liberated in mind and body who risks her security and standing to pursue her affair.

To make the sex between those transgressive lovers Lady Chatterley and her gamekeeper Mellors less explicit than in Lawrences original is, in some small way, to hand victory to those who tried to ban it.

And yet, as anyone who has watched two people fumble about on stage will know, sex in the theatre can be a cringeworthy business. Philip Breen, who also directs, takes the bull by the horns, as it were.

Where Lawrence railed against the hypocrisy of Victorian repression, Breen demonstrates that he still has much to say to modern audiences, for whom sexuality has become a minefield of political correctness.

The Telegraph by Clare Allfree DH Lawrences infamous 1928 novel Lady Chatterley's Lover poses a problem to theatre adaptors.

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