Mdaemon security plus not updating

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Currently each AV engine needs to be configured separately. If you find emails being blocked after updating to Security Plus v5.1.0 you will need to go in and configure the new Clam AV. AV Exclusions After updating your Security Plus to v5.1.0 you will now have a new option under the Security menu titled “Clam AV Plugin”.If you have any AV exclusions configured prior to this update, then you will need to add these same exclusions into Clam AV.

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Real-time pattern analysis provides much faster protection than traditional filter and signature based solutions that require detecting, defining, and disseminating new virus information.

If you have many AV exclusions you may find copying this information from a configuration file much easier and time saving.

The exclusion configuration file for the Kaspersky AV is found in the \MDaemon\App\Cf file (open in Notepad).

The exclusion file for Clam AV is located in the \MDaemon\Security Plus\Clam AVPlugin\file (open in Notepad).

This file is slightly different with it’s headings.

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