Not updating to ios 6 because of maps

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And Yelp, popular mostly in the US, doesn't seem to have been replaced by similar tools in other countries.And Apple simply didn't have time to match other Google features: the loss of mass transit directions is a major blow.i Phone owners might have loved Google Maps, but Apple has no love for Google. The major new feature of the company's new i OS 6 mobile operating system is a new mapping module developed by Apple itself — a replacement for the Google-supplied maps that have been standard on the i Phone since it debuted in 2007.i Phone owners might have loved Google Maps, but Apple has no love for Google.Map detail might be lacking in some American cities, but London, Beijing, and Tokyo are virtually blank, and several major landmarks are labeled inaccurately or wildly misplaced.Satellite views are on par with Google in the US; internationally, they may well be obscured by clouds.The search giant has been refining its maps for years now: not only has it been running its quirky Street View cars all over the world, it's been collecting location data from millions of i Phone and Android users to gain even more precision. "It takes a long time and effort to figure out how to do this right," Google maps VP Brandon Mc Clendon told Apple's piecemeal approach to mapping is evident when simply browsing the map: instead of including locations directly on the map like Google, it uses an overlay of data from Yelp to show restaurants, gas stations, or bus stops.This is often beneficial: you can tap them directly to see Yelp ratings or head to a detailed address page.

It is a change borne not of user demand, but of corporate politics: Google's Android platform is the biggest competitive threat to the i Phone, so Apple is cutting ties with Google.But while transit apps have come a long way over the past few years, they still can't replicate the fluid integration of bus, train, commuter rail, and foot traffic that Google offers at its best.And transit apps are often local to individual cities, meaning you may have to install multiple tools with multiple interfaces if you travel.But Yelp is crowdsourced, and the results can seem random.In New York or DC, there's not a dramatic difference between Google's annotations and Apple's icons, but in many rural areas Apple seems to only place a handful of icons even when more are discoverable by searching, undermining its promise of a better browsing experience.

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