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When you scare or push away women, you validate that your social skills are poor and your anxiety and shyness can increase, making this a never-ending circle of loneliness.

The important thing to remember is this: Having one person in your life can be a powerful influence and help you fill that loneliness void, but you really don’t need a certain amount of friends or a girlfriend to fill that void; instead, you just need a strong relationship (mother, father, brother, friend, etc.) that makes you feel valued. So, remove the pressure to find a girlfriend no matter what.

In short, whether or not people are really rejecting you or not, your loneliness can cause you to believe that they are.

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[poll id=”4″] Does it help to know that other guys are feeling just as lonely as you are? It may help you to know that you are not the only one who is single and upset about it, but that realization doesn’t diminish they loneliness you feel. Genetically speaking, we need to form relationships for survival, because we don’t (or at least we didn’t) survive well on our own, and we still feel that need to belong and have support.

So loneliness is not an indicator that you are a loser, it is simply a signal that you need strong and healthy relationships in your life.

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