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But, after a while, I inevitably fall back on my list of my spots guaranteed for a good time (No, not that kind of a good time).A second-date spot should be comfortable, adventurous, and out-of-the-box enough to keep them intrigued — and with these ideas, they’ll without a doubt be wondering by the end of the night just what else you might have up your sleeve.The drinks list features accessible cocktails, beers, and an extensive choice of wines, with some half-bottles on the cheap and a few dozen full bottles affordably priced at or less.Decoy (Greenwich Village) Best for: When you want to look like the one who knows all the secret spots.And not all restaurants are ideal for every date situation, and everyone’s tastes — and comfort levels — are different.

The food draws from various Asian influences — see the famous foie gras soup dumplings or the pakora fried oysters currently on the menu — without strictly sticking to the continent.There will always be an undeniable allure to dimly lit underground bars.This one is attached to the acclaimed, upscale Chinese restaurant Red Farm and specializes in cocktails and Peking duck.No matter your dating style, here are the best date restaurants in New York City.Downtown Annisa (West Village) Best for: Setting a romantic mood.

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