Pre op mtf dating

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I don't want to tell people I have a penis anymore, I just feel like it's such a let down.

I don't feel like it does anything for me but provide stress and anxiety It's hard for me to compare pre-op and post-op.

Maybe that's why I go for unavailable guys because?

I guess I'm sad I've never been able to find a bf and I kind of blame my penis. I've been dating my boyfriend for about 3 and a half years (we are 99% going to marry next December 2016 : D), and I had surgery in January 2015.

A lot of men who are interested in trans women are ashamed of it and won't want anything public (from my experience).

I've never had a bf but have had a bunch sexual partners.She's a cute girl, but nothing earth shattering or anything, and the amount of guys who don't care is pretty surprising. Her friend says she would rather date a guy that doesn't consider being a woman with a penis a in a relationship.She says she has every respect for trans women who intend to keep theirs, but she does not want a guy who gets his erotic thrills that way, because that was never her thing, and she could never, ever be that girl for him.Sadly most of them turn out to be one night stands or situations where the guy ends up being married or has a gf.Now I can't tell if my issues with dating are that I get rejected as being trans, or that maybe I reject myself first thinking the guy won't ever like a girl with a penis?

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