Reverse psychology and dating

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…ah ha, you just thought of a pink elephant didn’t you?Now I want you to understand the power of using reverse psychology on women.

Kitanda by Anthony Malibu ‘howtogetbackanexboyfriend’ (sorry guys this is a site mostly for the ladies as it is written from a male perspective, buuuuut guys am a girl, you could always ask what ‘Hawi Thinks’ is the best way to get back an Ex girlfriend from a female point of view… And of course since am a mind psychology fanatic, you can guess that I took an interest into finding out more into what it was all about.

The majority of the time they will then decide that you were right after all.

This experiment was originally introduced in 1970 by the German psychologists, Adorno and Horkheimer and proven right.

So my theory is this, I had already told you I believe that everything that happens is as a result of what we have thought and conditioned our mind to believe.

Am sure you’re thinking so what’s the relation between this statement and reverse psychology?

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