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Information includes registration number; child's name, sex, legitimacy, birth date, and birthplace; name, residence, color, age, birthplace, and occupation of father and mother; number of other children born to mother; signature of physician or midwife; filing date; and registrar's signature.Birth records were not required by the state of Oregon until 1903 when the state began to officially register births.The University of Oregon, Map & Aerial Photography Library Aerial Photograph Collection includes aerial photographs from most Oregon counties.Series documents the payment of county and state bounty money to individuals who presented the scalps and other prescribed body parts of targeted predatory animals.The records are also referred to as scalp bounty records.Series documents the assessment of real and personal property, the determination of tax liability, and the collection of county taxes.Records may include census rolls and abstracts, farm schedules, abstract of assessment and census, enumeration of inhabitants and industrial products, and enumeration of inhabitants and military enrollment. district courts were administered by the federal government during the territorial period and subsequently replaced by the circuit courts upon statehood in 1859.

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Assumed business names have been inventoried through 1964.

Series may also include an index arranged alphabetically by business name.

Businesses which were registered were typically automotive sales, motorcycle repair, merchandise shops, butchers, and feed stores.

Please specify the accession number and box number, if provided, along with the name of the record when placing a request.

(Example: Tax Ledger-78A.52, Box 7033) Series provides visual documentation of changes made to county lands through development and by natural and man-made disasters.

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