Should a non smoker dating a smoker

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I'm a nonsmoker (but has tried it before & didn't enjoy it) that loves the sight and smell of a beautiful lady smoking so much that I'd like to date smokers.

Is it unusual to be a nonsmoker dating a smoker, & would smokers feel odd about it?

There was this one girl that dated a friend of mine for a couple of years. This girl didn't smoke except for a couple on the nights when she was drinking.“I could NEVER date a smoker.” I’ve said this so many times since I’ve started dating.I can’t take the smell, it also really bothers my eyes and lungs. I mentioned meeting James in a recent blog, and that he breaks a deal breaker. He’s quitting, but with how hard it is for him to give it up, I still label him as a smoker.I was open about it and told her I had no intention of quitting in the immediate future, and that if it was going to be a serious problem, then we don't need to take this any further.She relented and said it wasn't a make-or-break issue.

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