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The remaining ruins were left for 50 years as a war memorial, before being rebuilt between 19.According to the Hamburgische Weltwirtschaftsinstitut (HWWI) and Berenberg Bank in 2017, Dresden has the fourth best prospects for the future of all cities in Germany.During the reign of Kings Augustus II the Strong and Augustus III of Poland most of the city's baroque landmarks were built.

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; Upper and Lower Sorbian: Drježdźany; Czech: Drážďany; Polish: Drezno) is the capital city of the German state of Saxony, and with around 550,000 inhabitants, it is the state's second most populous city after Leipzig.

mining in the nearby Ore Mountains, and the establishment of the Margraviate of Meissen. Dietrich, Margrave of Meissen, chose Dresden as his interim residence in 1206, as documented in a record calling the place "Civitas Dresdene".

Its name etymologically derives from Old Sorbian Drežďany, meaning people of the forest. After 1270, Dresden became the capital of the margraviate.

Following the November Uprising (1831) many Poles, including writers Juliusz Słowacki, Stefan Florian Garczyński, Klementyna Hoffmanowa and composer Frédéric Chopin, fled from the Russian Partition of Poland to Dresden.

Also national poet Adam Mickiewicz stayed several months in Dresden, starting in March 1832. Dresden saw a further influx of Poles after the 18 uprisings, amongst whom were authors Teofil Lenartowicz, Józef Ignacy Kraszewski and Wawrzyniec Benzelstjerna Engeström.

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